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DAEMAR Protection Services

"Protect" is one of the four long-standing pillars of DAEMAR. To protect your people, places and things, we provide and integrate life safety solutions, including fire detection systems, suppression systems, and the most advanced security technology available today.

And rest assured, our certified inspectors and licensed life safety consultants regularly test, repair and upgrade facilities protection equipment to keep it ever-ready.

Our Solutions

DAEMAR provides life safety systems, including fire detection, suppression, and the most advanced security technology. Plus, our certified inspectors and licensed technicians test, repair, and upgrade equipment to make sure it’s always ready. And we integrate systems and strategies to fully protect your business.

Our Fire Protection Services...

Service and Maintenance

Keeping equipment in top working order prevents threats to life and limb, destruction of property, downtime costs, and increased insurance premiums. Our highly skilled technicians are on call 24 hours a day.

Retrofit and Remodeling

We retrofit and remodel existing structures to give clients the latest in fire-protection technology and strategies. From estimating and supply, to design, fabrication and installation , we minimize productivity issues as well as inconvenience to tenants. DAEMAR project managers work with clients to identify and solve problems before they negatively affect the project.

Fire Sprinklers/Extinguishers

Comprehensive testing guards against surprise defects and ensures safe, reliable operation of this critical equipment in emergencies. Regular testing also helps ensure fire code compliance—preventing fines and costly unplanned upgrades.

Fire Alarm and Detection

DAEMAR solutions include installation and service of the most advanced available alarm and detection systems . We provide control panels, smoke detectors, pull stations, horns, strobes, and sensors that can, and should, be integrated with security and emergency-power systems for failsafe coverage.

Fixed Suppression

We design, build, install, and service CO2 and other foam-based flame suppression systems for utility spaces, warehouses, and other specialty environments where sprinkler systems are not viable or permitted by code.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention devices keep runoff from sprinkler and suppression systems away from public water supplies. DAEMAR provides and installs backflow prevention devices, and our licensed technicians not only perform tests and repairs, but also file certified test results to ensure compliance.

Emergency Back-up Power and Lighting

We provide, test, and maintain backup power systems to help protect people in an emergency and ensure 24-hour availability of equipment that safeguards vital goods and systems. And with proper placement and regular inspection of emergency lights, DAEMAR helps make sure people can see their way clear when it counts.

Equipment Inspection

DAEMAR performs routine inspections on fire-protection equipment including alarms and detection equipment, special hazard devices, underground fire mains and hydrants, water storage tanks, and a full range of other specialty and essential equipment. We also conduct tests to maintain compliance with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), state, and local codes.

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